Sunday, July 12, 2020


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Miss Williams-  First Grade

Each day please complete one paper from each packet, Math, Reading, and Writing.  Take a picture of the completed work. Upload it to Class Dojo.

Please practice for 15 minutes each day on in ELA and Math.  You can play more if you'd like. Your log-in information is on the front of the envelope that is coming home.

To complete the reading activities you can use the following reading websites or read traditional books from your own collection or the library.

You can search for any book in Youtube and there is usually a video of someone reading it aloud.     (Bookflix)

Other options for practice

AR is optional, but many of the books on these sites are testing books.

The above link will take you to Scholastic learn at home. There you will find grade level tabs where books, articles, and questions can be read aloud to students. If you have a printer at home, you may also print out the activity sheets that go along with the book. If your child completes these, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THEM TURNED IN, TO ME!

Create a free account

Username: Learning20

Password: Clifford

Choose your grade level

I suggest letting your child pick the articles and books that interest them! If they select the text to speech option the story will read aloud!

Please look for daily updates on Class Dojo. The most important thing you can do is keep reading!  If you need me for anything please make sure to reach out. I am here to support all of you!

Distance Learning for the week of April 13th -17th 


-When the kids watch these videos please make sure they have their math book in front of them so we can do the pages together. 

*Please only send me a picture of their completed homework/practice page (front and back). This will count as their participation for math each day. 

Monday - Math Lesson 10-1

Complete pgs. 547-548

Tuesday - Math Lesson 10-2

Complete pgs.553-554

*Bonus BrainPopJr Video* (optional)

Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020

Wednesday - Math Lesson 10-3

Complete pgs.559-560

Thursday - Math Lesson 10-4

Complete pgs.565-566

Friday - Math Lesson 10-5

Complete pgs.571-572



*The kids will no longer be doing a book review, but please make sure they are listening/reading at least one book a day. This is so important for their learning. If you have run out of physical books, I highly suggest you log on to Epic! They have amazing stories. The kids can also get on BookFlix or StorylineOnline.*

-Please send me pictures of their completed work each day. Their work will be done in the Journeys Readers Notebook Volume 2

Let’s Go to the Moon  Lesson 16 Journeys

Words we will be working with this week are the long o words:  
so    go    home    hole    no    rope    joke    bone    stove    poke

-Watch the story here
-Complete page 1 and 2   

-Watch this video
-Complete pages 3,4, and 5.  Be sure to use good handwriting and parents please double check for correct spelling.

-Watch this story
-After listening to the story:  In your writing notebook (this is one of the kids composition notebooks that I sent home with them)
answer this question:  Would you like to go to the
moon?  Yes or No and why?  Write at least 3 sentences and draw a picture.  
-Complete pages 6, 7, 8 and 9 

-Let’s Dance Thursday watch this and try to dance along
-Watch this story about Mae Jamison a real astronaut
-Complete pages 10,11, and 12     

-Watch this video
-Complete pages 13,14, and 15.  Please double check page 13 and help your student pick the correct word.  

*More Read Alouds you can listen to during the week*

Distance Learning the week of April 20th-24th 




    -Complete pgs 577-578



    -Complete pgs 583-584



    -Complete pgs 589-590



    -Complete pgs 595-596



    - In the video we are doing the assessment pages together. Please just send me pictures

of those completed pages. They will not have any independent practice pages for this day. 


The Big Trip Lesson 17 Journeys

*Parents/Guardians please make sure your child is using their best handwriting and that you are checking their work!

We will be working on words with the long e sound

me    be read    feet tree   keep eat mean    sea these 


    -Watch the story

    -Complete pages 16 and 17


-Watch this video about the long e sound

-Complete pages 18,19, and 20


-Watch this BrainPopJr video about Lewis and Clark

Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020

-Complete pages 22, 25, and 26


    -Complete page 28. 

-In your writing notebook I want you to write about a trip you took. This 

could be a vacation or something as simple as going to the grocery store. Make sure to 

include the words first, next, and last in your writing. You need to write at least 3 sentences and include a picture.


    -Watch this BrainPopJr video about Transportation

    -Complete pages 29 and 30

*Additional Read Alouds about trips*

Distance Learning April 27th-May1st


*Parents/Guardians, you only need to take pictures of the completed practice pages, not the whole lesson. :-)

Monday 4/27 Lesson 11-1


    -Complete pgs 615-616

Tuesday 4/28  Lesson 11-2


    -Complete pgs 621-622

Wednesday 4/29  Lesson 11-3


    -Complete pgs 627-628

Thursday 4/30  Lesson 11-4


    -Complete pgs 633-634

Friday 5/1  Lesson 11-5


    - Complete pgs 639-640

Reading/Writing - Journeys Reader’s Notebook Vol  2 

Lesson 18: Where Does Food Come From?

*Parents/Guardians please make sure that your child is trying their very best and using their best handwriting to complete the assignments! 

This week we will be working with words with ai and ay (long a sound) :

play      grain    sail    mail    may   rain   way   day   stay   pain  

Monday 4/27

Watch Video:

Complete pages  31, 32, & 33

Tuesday 4/28

Watch Video:

Complete pages 34, 35,& 36

Wednesday 4/29 

Watch story:

Complete pages 37, 38, & 39

Thursday 4/30

Complete pages 40, 41, & 42

In your writing journal or on notebook paper, write and draw about 3 things you would like to grow in your own garden.  Be sure to tell me why you would like these things and to use your best handwriting! 

Friday 5/1 


Complete pages 43, 44, & 45

Addition Resources (optional)

Distance Learning May 4th-8th 


Monday5/4 Lesson 11-6


    -Complete pgs.645-655   

Tuesday 5/5 Lesson 11-7


    -Complete pgs.651-652

Wednesday 5/6 Chapter 11 Assessment 


    -Take pictures of the assessment pages the kids did with me during the video.

Thursday 5/7 Lesson 13-1

    -Watch this BrainPopJr video to introduce parts of a clock

    Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020

-Watch this Jack Hartmann video about the clock

-Watch our math lesson video

    -Complete pgs.713-714

Friday 5/8 Lesson 13-2

    -Watch this BrainPopJr video about Time to the Hour

    Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020

    -Watch our math lesson video

    -Complete pgs.719-720

Reading/Writing - Journey’s Readers Notebook Vol. 2 

Lesson 19 Tomas Rivera and Cinco De Mayo Theme

*Parents/Guardians please make sure that your child is trying their very best and using their best handwriting to complete the assignments! 

This week's words are focusing on long -O.

show, row, boat, blow, toad, road, low, coat, grow, snow

Monday 5/4

-Watch story   

-Complete pages 46, 47, & 48 

Tuesday 5/5

-Today is Cinco De Mayo.  If we were in school we would be tasting chips and salsa, and 

dancing around a Sombrero.  Have fun with it today!

    Cinco De Mayo

Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020  Chicks and Salsa   Mexican Hat Dance

-Complete pages 49, 50, & 51 

Wednesday  5/6

-Watch video Tomas and the Library Lady

-Complete pages 52 & 53

Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020

Thursday 5/7

-Watch   Theater Production of 

Tomas and the Library Lady  

-Complete pages 56 & 58 

Friday 5/8

-Watch video

Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020

-In your writing journal (or on any paper you have)write a personal narrative about 

something you have done. Be sure to write at least 3 sentences and use the words, first, 

next and last.

Extra Read Alouds (optional):

Distance Learning May 11th-15th 


Monday 5/11 Lesson 13-3


    -Complete pgs 725-726

Tuesday 5/12 Chapter 13 Assessment 

    -We are skipping lesson 13-4. There is no video today. Have your child complete pgs 737-738.

Wednesday 5/13 Lesson 15-1


    -Complete pgs. 821-822

Thursday 5/14 Lesson 15-2


    -Complete pgs 827-828

Friday 5/15 Lesson 15-3


*ignore that I said “happy Thursday” in the video. I filmed this on a Thursday. :-)

    -Complete pgs 833-834

Reading/Writing - Journey’s Readers Notebook Vol. 2 

Lesson 20 Little Rabbit’s Tale

*Parents/Guardians please make sure that your child is trying their very best and using their best handwriting to complete the assignments! 

This week's words are focusing on compound words.

bedtime, sunset, bathtub, sailboat, flagpole, backpack, playpen, raincoat, inside, himself

Monday 5/11

-Watch story

-Watch this BrainPopJr video about compound words.

Here is the login information

username: cfelembutler

password: colts2020

-Complete pages 62, 63, & 64

Tuesday 5/12

     -Watch this Jack Hartmann video about compound words

-Complete pages 65, 67 & 68

Wednesday  5/13

-Watch the story of Little Rabbit’s Tale again to help you complete the workbook pages

-Complete pages 69 & 70

Thursday 5/14

-Watch this read aloud of Chicken Little by Steven Kellogg

-Complete pages 73 & 74

Friday 5/15

     -watch this video where you try to guess the compound word

-In your writing notebook (or any paper you have) write at least 3 sentences about what  

you would do if someone told you the sky was falling. Make sure you use your best 

handwriting, finger spaces, capital letters, and end marks in your writing!

Extra Resources (optional): Henny Penny What is a folktale? Compound word game part 2

Distance Learning May 18th and 19th 

Monday 5/18

    -Watch the story I Wish You More by

    -Watch the story The Last Day Blues

*I read The First Day Jitters to the class on the first day of school. This is the 

follow up book of Mrs. Hartwell’s last day with her class. 

    - Write at least 3 sentences about your favorite memory from first grade and tell 

me why it is your favorite memory.

Tuesday 5/1

-Send me a picture of your child’s happy face because it's time for summer break!

Thanks for all you are doing,

Miss Williams