Sunday, July 12, 2020


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Hi everyone!

In your package you should have received 4 textbooks (Envision, 2 Readers Notebook, and Write-In Reader), 3 notebooks, green folder, pink folder, technology (charger), reading books and a ruler. Please keep everything in a safe location and do not throw away. You will be using everything. There is also a bag with graded papers. You may do as you please with the graded papers.

Pink Folder
Please follow the lesson plan that was given in the pink folder. You will also see your specials lesson plans, log in information for websites, grade card and progress report (Intervention). I will be communicating daily through ClassDojo. Please make sure you are checking daily for updates. I will also be placing the daily math lessons in ClassDojo for the kids to watch. I will place the videos by 10 am each morning.

Green Folder
Inside the green folder you will see all the worksheet and scholastic News that you will have to complete. Please follow the lesson plan to know which day to complete them.

Plastic Bag
Inside you will see 2 books that are your child's April and May books. They may keep them. We will be using the ruler during our math lessons. The rulers will need to be returned to me at some point.

Video Conferencing
I have set up Zoom on the Chrome books/Ipads for conferencing (its bookmarked on the Chrome books and an app on the Ipads). If your child needs a little extra help on the daily assignments I will be available 11-12 and 6-7 (Monday- Friday) to help them. This is a great opportunity if your child is having difficulties with math, I will be able to assist them. As of now, the web cam is turned off on your student's technology but they will be able to see me.
Please message me on ClassDojo to let me know who needs the assistance. I can arrange different times if those times are not feasible.

Read Aloud
Every day Monday-Friday, I will be having a read aloud from 12:30-1:00 on Zoom.