Sunday, July 12, 2020


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Hello, Parents!


As we move to distance learning, I want to make you aware of what your child will be expected to do during this time.  There will be a mix of online and paper/pencil assignments to complete. I will post reading and/or writing assignments on Dojo and Google Classroom each day.  As was stated by Ms. Wyckoff in her letter to the district, we will be focusing on reading, writing, math, science, and specials primarily.  That means social studies assignments will not be given. There may be reading and writing assignments, however, that focus on aspects of history and current events.


I have put a folder together with the paper/pencil assignments that students will complete. I would like to receive a picture of those completed paper/pencil assignments on Dojo to make sure that students did their work on the day it was assigned.


Students will need to be reading Tuck Everlasting during the time they are away from school.  I will post on Google Classroom and on Dojo what chapters need to be read each day.  Also, there is a packet inside the folder with assignments related to the book. Look for what needs to be completed on both Dojo and Google Classroom. Students may take AR tests at home now.  Students should know their login information, but if they can’t get into AR, send me a Dojo message.  


I have included special login information for and  There is a room code for Socrative and Tween Tribune requires a username and password.  I have put the information for logging into those websites on an index card that is located inside your child’s folder.

If you have any questions concerning your child’s assignments, please don’t hesitate to send me a Dojo message.  I will respond as soon as I can. Mrs. Nickoli put a suggested daily home schedule on her Smore website. It would be good to follow as it would establish a daily routine.


Mr. Kempton