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Football Awards History


Year Record Coach
1963-1964 (9-0-1) Coach Bill Frazier
JAC Champs - Ranked 23rd in class AA
All JAC team members were Carl Curtiss, Mike Fisher, Bill Frey, Dale Fry, Erryl Eyster, John Hollar, Roy Kehl, and Mike Wade
Year           Record   Coach
1964-1965   (8-2)    Coach Bill Frazier
Runner-up in the JAC
Defense held teams to 4.2 points a game
Offense scored 31 points a game
All JAC team members were Mike Fisher, Dale Flockerzie, Dale Fry, and Bob Swank
Year            Record   Coach
1965-1966   (10-0)     Coach Bill Frazier
Won the JAC
Undefeated season 10-0
Year            Record    Coach
1966-1967   (9-0-1)    Coach Bill Frazier
Held opponents to 3.8 points a game
Scored 25.8 points a game
Ranked 8th in the state
Eight players made 1st team all JAC
Richard Harris was 1st team All-Ohio
Chris Snyder & Steve Walker were Honorable Mention All-Ohio
Year            Record      Coach
1967-1968    (4-4-2)      Coach Kent Reed
Year            Record       Coach
1968-1969     (4-6)        Coach Kent Reed
Year            Record       Coach
1969-1970     (4-6)        Coach Frank LaSeta
MVP was Terry Leedy
Year            Record       Coach
1970-1971     (4-6)        Coach Frank LaSeta
Jim Sparks & Jim Martin were 1st team All JAC
Honorable Mention All JAC was Don Bell, Craig Clever, Lee Knapp, and Bob Layfield
Best Defensive Player was Jim Sparks
Craig Clever was the most Improved Player
Don Bell was the Best Offensive Player and Mr. Football
MVP was Bob Layfield
Year            Record        Coach
1971-1972     (3-7)         Coach Joe Michaels
All JAC Honorable Mention was Ed Belcher, Rick Petty, Howard Snavely, and Randy Thomas
MVP was Lee Knapp
Year           Record        Coach
1972-1973   (7-3)    Coach Joe Michaels
First team All JAC was Tim Titlow, Jim Jarvis, and Howard Snavely
Honorable Mention in the JAC was Jeff Brokaw, Rick Carruthers, Randy Doup, Dave Hofferber,
Rick Petty, Mike Shenberger, and Brad Smith
MVP was Dave Hofferber
Year          Record         Coach
1973-1974      (7-3)       Coach Gary Beal
Runner up in the JAC
Were 1st in Defense in the JAC (opponents averaged 2.3 points) 
Were 1st in Offense in the JAC we averaged 19.7 points)
Year         Record        Coach
1974-1975     (7-3)      Coach Gary Beal
Runner up in the JAC
Randy Doup, Biff Bowman, and John Luers were 1st team offense
Gary Smith & Don Thomas were 1st team defense
Year        Record        Coach
1975-1976   (4-5-1)    Coach Gary Beal
Chosen on the All Conference Team was Mel Doup, Mike Luers, Tim Remy, and Don Thomas
Year        Record        Coach
1976-1977  (5-4-1)     Coach Gary Beal
MVP and Best Offensive Back was Mel Doup
Best Offensive Lineman was Chris Oyster
Best Defensive Lineman was Rod Swineford
Best Defensive Back was Mark Sharp
Year        Record        Coach
1977-1978   (6-4)       Coach Jerry Widder
MVP and best Defensive Lineman was Doug Payne
Best Offensive Lineman was Jay Brokaw
Best Offensive Back was Amos Fry
Best Defensive Back was Chuck Golden
Chuck Golden & Doug Payne were All-Ohio
Year        Record        Coach
1978-1979   (9-1)       Coach Jerry Widder
JAC Runner-up
Best Offensive Back was Jerry Layfield
Best Defensive and MVP was Chuck Golden
Best Offensive Lineman was Jay Brokaw
Best Defensive Lineman was Tim Thrush
Jay Brokaw was All-Ohio
Year        Record        Coach
1979-1980  (8-2)        Coach Jerry Widder
Won the JAC
David Carroll, David Doup, and Jerry Layfield were All-Ohio
Jerry Layfield MVP