Monday, October 14, 2019


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Clear Fork High School

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Clear Fork High School Students Take The Cake!

Miss Kucirek's Advanced Foods 3rd and 6/7 mod's Cake Decorating Projects
turned out amazing this semester and every student did an awsome job.
  Winners will be receiving a free prom ticket!  3rd mod winners were 1) Eryn Gadfield
with Minnie Mouse, 2) Samantha Garber with Strawberry Shortcake and 3) Hailee Carmen
with Tiger.  6/7 mod winners were 1) Sadie Woodward-Page with the Motorcycle and
2) Annisa Mason with Mickey Mouse.
A link to all cake pics will be posted on the HS twitter account.


1 Minnie Mouse   2 Strawberry Shortcake  3 Tigger
 1 Motorcycle 2 Mickey Mouse 

***Please click on this link to see the rest of the cakes students decorated! ***

Miss Kucirek's Advanced Sewing classes donated pet toys sewn in class to the Ontario Humane Society and stuffed animals for children in need to the Mansfield Fire Station for their community service project. 

Thank you to both for having us! 

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Mr. Dave Duncan, Ms. Jennifer Hearst and Mr. Reggie Blubaugh are causing a "buzz" at the high

school with donated bee boxes for a student project involving bee hives.

 IMG 4811 IMG 2378 
 IMG 9993  IMG 2152

Clear Fork students committ to serving the in the military before the game on Oct. 19, 2018

as the Clear Fork football team and Pride of the Valley carry the American flag.

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 FBgame4 FBgame2 



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Connie Barr 15-16

Mrs. Connie Barr