Friday, March 05, 2021


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Parent Meeting Info


Due to COVID-19 all parent meetings will be online this school year with the exception of each team specific meeting.  You can fulfull your mandatory requirement by completing the following five steps: 

1.  Read the OHSAA power point presentation (link is below)

2.  Read the Fall Parent HS Meeting 2020 OR Fall Parent MS Meeting 2020 (links are below)

3.  Complete the Parent self assessment (link is below)

4.  Watch the YouTube video:  Lindsay's Law

5.  Return the signed form (below) to the Athletic Director

OHSAA Preseason Meeting Presentation powerpoint

Fall Parent HS Meeting 2020

Fall Parent MS Meeting 2020

Positive Sport Parenting Parent Self Assessment

Positive Sport Parenting Self Assessment Results

Parent of Athlete Fall 2020 form