History Club

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History Club

Click here to see pictures from the Veteran's Day assembly

Don't forget to pay dues! $2.00

We have toured the
Ohio State Reformatory and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

We conduct Annual
Veteran's Day

We support Social
Studies education
by purchasing
classroom supplemental



President: Morgan Orr

Vice President: Soloman Echelberger

Secretary: Zara Thomas

Treasurer: Annie Dubler 

Student Delegation: Isaac Bailey


Alyssa Smith

Macy Wade

Laura Kelley

Molly Strickling

Jordan Beahr

Arlo Durham

Colin Bowman

Carlie Hammentree

Michael Ebert

Mackenzie Wade

Cassandra Vaughn

Field Trip is currently being planned.


Mr. Echelberger



updated 9-7-2016