Project Support

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Project Support 2016

Project Support is a student organization that has a goal to help students with disabilities. This goal will include going on field trips with the high school and middle school MH classes, holding monthly meetings to get HS, MS, and elementary MH classes together for fun events. Occasionally they help host the county wide MH Prom.


Click here to see pictures of Project Support Members making buckeyes for the craft sale.


Making Buckeyes to sell at Christmas in the Valley. Also making pies and having a silent auction Nov. 22. Donations go to a a student's family.

Ringing the bell and doing Christmas party next Friday at Brumby's. 

This group also helps coordinate the MH Prom. This year's MH Prom will be May 28th at Lexington High School.


There will be a Project Support field trip.

Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Cox are the Project Support Advisors. Students must submit applications to her in order to become a member.


updated 12-06-16