Friday, March 05, 2021


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Pay For It


PayForIt has been upgraded to PaySchools Central.

If you already have an account established in PayForIt you will use your same credentials to login to PaySchools Central. Once logged in you will be prompted to verify the students in your account and any Auto Replenishments you may have set up.


The system is ready to begin accepting payments via the internet for cafeteria and school fees.

The process to use the system takes a couple of steps:

1.   You must register as the guardian for a student/students

2.   Next you enter your payment information

3.   Lastly, you add your students to your guardian account.  You will need your child's ID number.  This ID number is located on the report cards.

To access PayForIt or the latest version PaySchools Central the click on the appropriate graphic below.               PSCentral Color